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Coachmans - Auto Body Repair Centre

"Change works best for the prepared mind."

That is a saying that crosses the mind of a pro-active dreamer, Eugene Bezuidenhout. He founded what was essentially a one man operation performing mechanical services.

His company, Coachmans Auto Body, had a very modest beginning as a mechanical workshop in 1999. From a humble workshop with one mechanic (Eugene himself) and a helper, it has evolved into a modern and well-equipped establishment catering to the needs of varied motorists and big corporate companies.

The company's biggest break came in 2007 from the reallocation to bigger premises and the opening of the automotive body repair division. Now it boasts with truly state-of-the-art equipment, very qualified staff, and personalised customer service that makes every client a V.I.P. As business expanded, he set about turning his dream into reality.

Eugene realised that innovation equaled growth, and thus innovation became a way of life at Coachmans Auto Body. At this point in time, he cannot help but reminisce how his career has developed from being a one man mechanical workshop into an owner of a state-of-the-art automotive mechanical and body repair company.

It has been an uphill journey and has been worthwhile despite of the difficulties. He is indeed proud of what he has accomplished for himself, his family and profession.

As a SAMBRA approved repairer Coachmans Auto Body will always serve you well without extra cost. That is a company tradition.

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